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Hi! I'm Totes...


I'm growing up in Seattle, Washington, the Emerald City! I love the city! Every day is an adventure with new people to meet. I'm a very social kid that loves to dance, run around daddy's restaurant and show off the new things I learn to do each day to everyone I see. 

My mom tells me life in the city is very different than the small town she was raised in, so it will be a new experience for both of us and we want to share it with you! We both love to get out and explore new places, so follow our posts to see what we are up to lately. 

Thank you for checking in!

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Meet My Mamma!

Born and raised in Utah, she was living in Salt Lake City and studying accounting at the University of Utah when she met my papa.  After graduating, she followed him to Seattle.  They were married in 2010 and had me in 2013.  She is currently staying at home with me while papa stays busy as the owner of three very popular restaurants in Seattle with a fourth on the way.  In our free time, especially summer, we enjoy exploring the waters of the Pacific Northwest on our boat!


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