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About Me, Elise.


It all started when...

There were two significant factors in my life that lead me to blogging... and that was growing up writing and developing an interest in photography. 

It wasn't until Totes turned mobile around 15 months old that I started getting the really nagging itch to do something more with my time.  Something creative.  I graduated from the University of Utah's Davd Eccles School of Business with a degree in Accounting.  Accounting just came so easy to me after I took my first class in high school.  I knew it would be a great basis for anything I wanted to do in the future, but after a trip to New York City in 2007 to apply for an internship at PriceWaterhouse Coopers, I knew right then and there I didn't want to work in the corporate accounting world.  I was lucky enough to land an amazing job shortly after I moved to Seattle with a small startup company, an ultra modern yoga studio and spa.  Working as the General manager allowed me to feel creative and utilize my business background at the same time. But it was always my plan to be a stay at home mom and raise my kids full time.

When I was fourteen years old, I picked up my first real camera.  My dad was into photography and after watching him take photos and develop the film for years, I grabbed my best friend one afternoon and we set out on our first 'photoshoot'.  We put on our sauciest outfit, overdid the hair and makeup and posed like we were in Vogue.  I still have those images ingrained in my memory even though I have long since lost the physical photos.  Over the years since then, I was always the one bringing a camera along on school trips, summer camps and birthday parties. I finally purchased my first DSLR almost ten years ago now, but did so with the intention of learning to shoot with it well before I was ready to have kids so that by the time there were here, I would be able to photograph them well.  I've still come a long way in my photography since the birth of my son but am really proud of some of those first photos I had taken of him. 

As for writing, it was only recently that I realized how long I've been writing for.  When I first started this blog, I did so with the intension of just posting my photos.  I didn't want to include my own text.  Or very little if at all.  I simply did not consider myself a writer.  But over time I kept wanting to say more, and more... until this year I realized that I enjoyed writing!  I grew up in the LDS church and was encouraged from a very young age to journal often.  I have several volumes of journals at home in my parent's storage room and still journal regularly to this day. I've been writing for a really long time! And have come a long way.  I really love to sit down and read back over my old journal entries.  It's a great way to refresh the memory and get a chuckle of the silly things that I obsessed over at the time or feel a bit nostalgic of those early years when I first met my husband.  I've recently been reading back over the time that Totes was the age Apple is now and seeing how different or similar they are. 


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