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She drank the Kool Aid: Elderberry Syrup

When Totes was first born, I started following a mom's group that is centered around a natural approach to medicine.  Very anti-vax, breastmilk and chiropractic cures all kind of talk.  Over the years that I've tuned in to the conversations, I've come across the question "my baby has a cold, what can I do?" about a hundred times.  And every time, the response is always: breastmilk in the nose to relieve congestion, take probiotics and extra doses of elderberry syrup.
Admittedly, I tried the first two but until recently, hadn't given much thought into the last. This little concoction kept popping up in conversations though so I was intrigued.  Then recently in a local parents group, a lady mentioned she was making batches of the stuff and offering it for sale to the community.  I figured it was a good time to give it a try and I have to say, I'm a believer.  We're now almost half way through winter and I have yet to catch a thing (I know, I know, knocking on wood as I type).  Totes, being in school several days a week, has only come home with a small cold ONCE and it was mild and went away quickly.  Coincidence?  Possibly. But all I've been hearing from my friends is how many times their kids (and they themselves) have already been sick this season.  My husband has yet to drink the juice and has already had a few run downs of this or that.  I keep telling him to try it!

I got my organically homemade batches from a local mom ... . The does for an adult is one tablespoon per day and for a child is one teaspoon per day. I don't give any to Apple because this recipe contains honey (great for the propolis but not safe for children under one) and I am hoping she's getting some of the good stuff through my breastmilk since we are still exclusively breastfeeding.  I really like the taste and Totes gladly drinks it too! 

Want more info? Here's a great article on the power of Elderberries from Wellness Mama.  If you're local to Seattle and want more information on where I purchased mine from, click here to view the ordering and information page by Holly Cooper. 

So have you tried it or found something else that works well for you?  Tell me what you think in the comments below!


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