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Halloween 2014, Family Style

I love the creativity of costumes and now that I have a life-size doll, I get to include him in the fun! Even prior to becoming pregnant I thought about this costume for the three of us.  So happy how it turned out.  We skipped doing anything for Halloween the year prior since he was so little and it's always such a cold day, but this year turned out to be warm enough not to need bulky coats, which would have killed our look! We took a stroll down Queen Anne Avenue for the annual trick-or-treating celebration and were the delight of many. Totes' costume was purchased but the rest of ours came from our own closet.  I sewed the trim on a red shirt, loose enough so I could removed it later.  The yellow trim was also loosly attached to a black pencil skirt. I found his corn pipe at a little boutique in Poulsbo earlier this year, it's real! 
What did your family dress up as this year? #popeye #oliveoyl #sweetpea #mylifesizedoll


TotesandtheCity Halloween
TotesandtheCity Halloween
TotesandtheCity Halloween

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