What's in my [Diaper] Bag, Pt 1

Totes is now six months old and here's what's usually weighing down my diaper bag on our trips around the city:

I currently carry the 'Preppy Nylon Eliz-a-Baby' from Marc by Marc Jacobs diaper bag

1. Zutano Hat and matching mittens
2. "Mute Button" binkie that I haven't been able to get him to take yet... staying optimistic! (Nordstrom)
3. Boon Squirt Food Dispensing Spoon
4. Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare Baby
5. Splendid Romper because blowouts do happen (Nordstrom)
6. Slick Fox Bibs for all that drool and food that I can't figure out how to keep in his mouth
7. Baby Mum Mum rice crackers
8. Katie the Catepiller (A gift from our family in Italy)
9. Peek-a-Who? board book
10. Ella's Kitchen squeeze pouch starter foods

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