Baby Boy Style @ 18 Months

Can we just talk about how fun it is to dress up little boys? It may seem like girls have all the fun on the subject of fashion.  Just a walk through any kids section of a department store is proof.  The girls selection is about five times larger than the boys. But, as limited as options are, boys are simple to dress and equally adorable.   I love a variety of styles, but my favorite is to dress my little man like his adult counterpart.  Skinny jeans are puffy coats are staples in my husband's closet, so I can't get enough of them in mini sizes for Totes. 

How frustrating is it that they outgrow clothing so fast!? If this weren't an issue, I could justify so much more, but this factor definitely keeps me in check.  And Seattle's weather makes it difficult to enjoy an array of baby fashion... I rarely let Totes go in much less than a long sleeve shirt and pants.  Our "summer" weather that would warrant tank tops and shorts lasts a whole two months max, so it's hard as a mom with an incredibly fast growing toddler to justify those outfits that won't get much wear.  

Our favorite, and most indulged, brand of kid's clothing comes from Zara for a few reasons... mostly accessibility; there's a Zara downtown with a great selection, a kids department, which most Zara stores do not include. I love online shopping as much as the next busy mom, but nothing can replace being able to touch and feel fabrics first hand.  Being a European brand, their clothing fits longer and leaner than most American brands that tend to lean towards a boxy fit. This is key for us as Totes has been in the 1st percentile in weight since almost birth, but around 45th in height.  Belts are a must on every pair of jeans and shorts he wears! H&M, Petit Bateau (available at several baby boutiques across Seattle) and basic onesies to use as undershirts from Carters and Kickee Pants are also key items in our closet. 

I also love all the cool print and pattern leggings that are handmade found in online boutiques and Etsy, but Totes still spends a lot of time down on the ground everywhere we go.  He needs sturdy jeans that wear well through all the destruction boys put them through and I've had the best, longest-lasting results with our Zara pants.  Nearly indestructible!  Will they just make us a brand rep already?  

Here are some of my favorite looks on Totes:

TotesandtheCity Style
TotesandtheCity Baby Boy Style
TotesandtheCity Style
TotesandtheCity Style
Totes and the City Baby Boy Style

Coat: Zara Baby Boy, padded jacket
Undershirt: Carter Bodysuit, longsleeve basics in turtle print
Jeans and belt: Zara Baby Boy, skinny jean
Shoes: Zara Baby Boy, High top sneaker
Beanie: H&M baby boy

Totes and the City Style
Totes and the City Style
Totes and the City Style
Totes and the City Style

Denim Shirt: H&M
Arrow Print Leggings: Sarava Designs (Etsy)
Undershirt: Carters longsleeve onesie in blue stripe
Moccasins: Bed Time Rebel (Etsy)