Seattle Escape to Sunny Florida

We had the unique and sudden opportunity arise to fly down to Florida and spend a week on a beautiful yacht, cruising from Tampa to Miami with a stop in the Florida Keys.  With a desperate need for sunshine and break from the rainy gray Seattle skies, and a huge love for South Beach (one of our Honeymoon spots), we just couldn't resist going.  We had about four days notice to buy tickets and pack up! I was nervous at the idea at first... even though Totes has been a great flier so far, it's inevitable as new parents to want to stay where things are safe and comfortable and I had no idea what to expect.  But I love exploring new places and knew how good it would be for all of us to get away with this type of escape.  So off we went! This kid did not stop smiling when we stepped off the plane and into that wall of warmth that is Florida.  And neither did we.  

Traveling is so easy with the Orbit Baby Travel System! The car seat fits on the stroller base so I have it all with less pieces when we go.  And it's so easy to fold and unfold that I can do it one handed, with a baby strapped to me in a carrier! I usually get some pretty impressed looks in the airport when I can get through the screening without any assistance.  Since Totes wears mostly pants, long sleeves and sweaters here in Seattle, I had to make a quick run to Zara for some summer clothes! His tees and shorts are all from Zara Baby.  

A few notes here about traveling with a baby... it's a daunting task, especially your first time as new parents.  Totes hasn't started crawling yet and he was just shy of 9 months old here.  We had flown on two previous trips with him but they were shorter flights, less than 3 hours each.  I wasn't sure how he would handle the longer flight from SEA >>> Tampa, but we had a layover that broke it up into two flights, which gave him a bit of a break to see a new area, walking through the airport.  He's also not a great napper so we got maybe one 30-40 min nap on each flight.  I am still nursing, which has made traveling so much easier than it can sometimes be as I don't have to pack around bottles and supplies to make sure he's fed and hydrated.  Nursing on take-off and decent are key to keeping their ears clear from the change in pressure.  I was a little overly obsessed with this though and would slightly panic when I started nursing him a few minutes before we started to descend and he fell asleep after only a few minutes.  So 90% of our decent he was asleep and I thought he would wake up with his ears in pain... but it wasn't so, he was fine.  I also kept a sippy cup with us in my carry-on bag so if he was over nursing, I could try to entice him with a few sips.  What I did learn the hard way was being on a plane too long.  Our way home, we opted for a non-stop flight, thinking less overall travel time would be better.  It wasn't, it was awful actually because he barely slept, maybe 20 minutes at the most during our almost 6 hour flight! So the rest of the time was spent walking up and down the aisles with him to keep him entertained.  For many, long flights are unavoidable so I can only suggest at that point to look for a red-eye flight and hope they'll sleep most of it!