What's in my [Diaper] Bag, Pt 2

It's summer time here in Seattle and even more so, we are constantly on the go... I've put this bag through a lot and it's going on strong! Here's what we are packing this summer around the time Totes turns One: 

Totes and the City Diaper Bag

1. Pirates Booty: a favorite snack for both of us! I love these convenient 1 oz packs... perfect for on the go and I can clean off whatever he doesn't eat.
2. Kleynimals Clean Animals Stainless Steal Keys
3. Areaware Silicone Key Teether
4. Kind Bar in Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt: My favorite and a quick cure for my occasional 'Hanger'
5. Softlips Chapstick in Wintergreen
6. Versace Sunglasses
7. Huggies reusable wipe tote
8. Native 'Jefferson Kids" slip ons
9. Swim Shorts from Zara Baby: spray parks have been popping up all over Seattle and we can't resist a quick run through!
10. Camelbak 1L Eddy water bottle 
11. Wayfarer Sunglasses by Carters
11.  Highlands Teething Tablets: this may be our third or fourth bottle, I've lost track...
12. Webkinz Horse: to Totes, this is 'ciuccio" (pronounced "choo-cho", which means Donkey in Neapolitan. We can thank Papa for this nickname.

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