Mamma's Morning Juice

How do you keep up with your active toddler? 

I now have a very highly energetic little man who wants to run, jump, climb everything, wrestle and throw him in the air or hold him all day.  It requires so much more than I have to give and I end up feeling guilty too often that I simply cannot keep up.  But the days that I make an effort to start the morning off with a bang are always better overall.  In addition to a 20 minute family jog in the morning, I try to make this juice for us all at least a few times a week.  I'll admit it's pure laziness that prevents me from making it more frequently, but on those days I can sneak down to the Juicy Cafe and have them make one for me! 

Totes and the City Juice

Make it yourself! Here's what you'll need:

  • fresh spinach
  • cucumber
  • avocado
  • mango
  • banana
  • apple
  • blender

I haven't invested in a juicer because I like all the extra fiber that comes from the fruits and veggies so a blender is my go-to.  I have a Ninja blender that works just fine but I don't think you need to invest heavily in a big workhorse style blender... my previous BB&B cheap blender did a great job too.  Just make sure to blend long enough that the spinach is very finely chopped so it's easier to drink.  The avocado and banana give this drink a nice, smooth texture.  I started adding avocado when I was nursing to give myself a boost of healthy fats.  Now my little man drinks this with me and he needs all the extra fat he can take! 
As far as portions go, here's my general rule:  If I'm just making this drink for me and Totes, I'll cut the portions shown in the picture (a whole piece) into thirds.  If my husband wants in, then halfsies works better. Spinach... just grab a handful at first if this one is new to you.  Squeeze the lime, I use the juice from half of the lime at a time. Frozen mango chunks are a great way to thicken the juice and turn it into more of a smoothie if you like that style.  Otherwise experiment with watering it down to get to the consistency you like.  I add about a 1/3 of a cup of water initially, you can always add more during the blending process if it needs.  
ost importantly... he loves it! I get really discourage when searching for a smoothie/juice recipe and all I can find are ones that have ingredients I can't even pronounce, let alone be able to find in a grocery store.  Keep it simple! I will also throw random ingredients that are lingering in my fridge into this one too.  

What do you do to keep energized?

Totes and the City Green Juice
Totes and the City Green Juice