What's in my [Diaper] Bag

What's in my Diaper Bag | Blog Post by Totes and the City

It's been too long since I did one of these posts and I've missed it! I had so much fun putting them together when Totes was a baby so hoping to keep the trend alive while I still can with little Apple, even though I'm way behind already.  And honestly, what I had to pack around when Apple was a newborn wouldn't have even fit in one picture.  I had TWO kids in diapers! Anyway, now that life has settled in as a mom to two, my bag is a bit more streamlined. Here's what I've been packing lately with two kids! Totes is three and a half and Apple just turned ONE last week! 

Clockwise from the top left:

  • Chewbeads bracelets.  I have so many teethers! The soft silicon ones are the best. These are the easiest to take along and fun to wear for me.  I also have their necklace but my hair gets caught in it easily so I prefer these. 
  • TONYMOLY Red Apple Hand Cream.  Have you guys heard of this line? OMG. I'm obsessed. I initially fell for their packaging but the products themselves are great too! I went crazy and bought all the cute little fruits of their hand creams and lip glosses.  Check them out! Their hand creams are soooo creamy.  
  • Water bottle by BKR.  Glass, silicon sleeve and a handle on the cap... winner. I'm still breastfeeding so staying hydrated is a struggle! I keep multiple bottles around the house, in the car and always on the go.
  • Huggies travel wipes case and size 3 pampers cruisers.  I've owned this wipe case for going on three years now.  I've tried several, this one is the best as it keeps the wipes moist with no drying out.  I recently had to replace it because I wore out the edges but after a year with Apple of daily use, I'd say that's pretty good. And diapers through Amazon Subscribe and Save are the way to go!
  • Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.  Apple is really into lift-the-flap books and has the sounds down for the Elephant, Lion, Snake and Monkey.  Such a cute book.  This is great entertainment when we are sitting down for a quick bite out.
  • Snacks! These consume my diaper bag these days. Our favorites: KIND bars for mom; Assorted grab bags from Annie's Homegrown and Kids Cliff bars are for Totes; and squeeze pouches by the Happy Baby line are our favorites.  Whatever Apple doesn't finish, Totes does! Fig Bar's from Nature's Bakery are one that we all enjoy.  Costco has a great variety pack of these as well as the fruit strips by Stretch Island Fruit Co.
  • Honest Co hand sanitizer.  LOVE this product, smells good and easy to apply to little hands after a day at the science center or the playground.
  • Downtown Tote Diaper Bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom.  I know backpacks are all the rage right now and I have one.  It was great when Totes was a little older and, most of the time, had two free hands to open it up to retrieve its contents.  But as much as I get frustrated with the bag slipping off my shoulder, the convenience of being able to grab something out from inside quick and with one hand is crucial. Lots of pockets inside and I love how it stays open instead of collapsing in like some bags do. 
  • Card Case.  I use this in addition to my wallet since I now carry so many extra cards... punch cards to PlayDate SEA, our Zoo and Pacific Science Center membership, frequent buyer cards galore!
  • Chanel Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Darling Pink.  I've been trying out so many new colors in lipsticks lately, mainly in the lip stain, all day wear category.  Since I rarely get around to putting on much makeup these days, I wanted a lip color that matched my natural complexion with just a little bit of a polished look.  I LOVE this one and it really lasts and lasts and lasts ALL DAY.
  • Baby Kisses by Baby Boudreaux.  This products rocks for dry, chapped lips or skin.  I use it on Totes all the time when he's in a lip-licking phase, or on Apple when she has a runny nose that we are constantly wiping and it starts to get raw. I use it on me too!
  • That pen there? I have this weird thing that I can only write with MY pen.  Filling out forms at the Dr. office? I whip out MY pen.  Anyone else do this? uni-ball Signo in Micro 207 black.  Perfection. 
  • Calming Tables by Hylands (not pictured but HAD to include).  So a few months ago, Hylands came out and announced it was recalling their Teething Tablets due to the ingredient Belladonna present in them.  While Totes basically lived on those tablets his first two years and he turned out pretty well, I agree with this decision. Belladonna is a bit controversial and I'd prefer it not be in there at all.  So their new version that nixed this ingredient is Calming Tablets.  I feel they really help with teething. I never leave home without them!

Many of these items are purchased through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program.  Sign up for Amazon Mom and get 20% off diapers and wipes... add five items or more to your subscribe and save each month to get 15% off!  Cancel the items at anytime, there's no commitment.  

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