Apple's Quiet Book

Apple is looking through her handmade Felt Quiet Book, Peek-a-Boo Numbers.  A DIY project that we completed this spring before our travels featuring six custom pages.  Apple's Quiet Book by Totes and the City

I'm excited to share with you a DIY project that I finished last spring, shortly before we took our trip to Venice and knew we would have a very long flight both ways and needed some creative entertainment in the small spaces we would have.  

I scoured Pinterest for inspiration in creating this book and it was a treasure trove of adorable work, which you can reference on my Pinterest board "Traveling with Kids" here.  Although this was very time consuming, I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together and putting my own spin on each page. 

I really wanted to use as much scraps that I had laying around the house as possible, as well as keep most items purchased from the dollar store to keep this project from costing a fortune but still needed to get the basics.  I've included my must have products that I just purchased off Amazon below and will detail each of the pages if you'd like a little more information on how I crafted these.  It is a 12x12" size book.  Apple was turning one during our trip to Italy so in making this book for her, age was the number one factor in creating the pages I did. 

Additionally, I put together a quiet binder for Totes (working on that post next) that had age-appropriate activities for him that was a big hit as well.  We traveled with both to Italy and brought them on our summer travels.  

Page One: Personalized Front Cover, Sensory "Touch & Feel" 

The hot pink zebra writing was achieved when I found this fabric in a sheet at the dollar store.  It had an adhesive back and was being marketed as a stylish DIY book cover for teens. I printed out (using my home computer and printer) the text in a font I liked, then using my precision blade cutter, cut out the letters on the paper (add this to the one hundred and one other reasons I need a Cricut Machine!).  This created my 'stensil' that I then used to cut out the fabric.  Since the backing was already adhesive, I just had to stick in directly on the page.  The purple pom pom puffs were part of a multi-colored package so I just grabbed the purples and used fabric glue to adhere them to the page. For the ballerina, I used a sharpie to color her 'tank' and 'eyelashes' and my son's yellow Crayola table paint for her hair. Her sequin skirt was actually a bow from an old headband I had laying around that I knew I'd never wear again!  #upcycled

Page Two: Chicka Chicka ABC

This is from the popular kids book, one that we love to read together. As with the Melina text on page one, I printed out, on paper, the alphabet, used the precision cutter to create a stencil, then cut out each letter in the felt.  This was such a long process (cue the cries for the Cricut again)!  Fabric glue secures the tree and its palm leaves.  At the bottom, I attempted to make 'grass' that I could tuck the letters into when the book and page was not in use.  This has resulted in several lost letters over the last few months.  

The front page of Apple's Quiet Book, a touch and feel sensory page with different textures of material.  Page one of six of my DIY quiet felt book project by Totes and the City
Page two of Apple's Quiet Book | Chicka Chicka ABC's theme after one of our favorite books! Page two of six of my DIY quiet felt book project by Totes and the City
Quiet Book

Page Three: Peek-a-Boo Numbers

When I first created this page, I had placed some adhesive back letters on the top in the gap you see that said "Peek a Boo" but as you might guess, they were immediately picked off by the one year old.  The rest of the page has been a hit though and held up very well.  Under each number is a button that corresponds to the color and number of the flap.  I attempted to hand sew the buttons on but after getting through only two, I quickly pulled out the manual on my Brother sewing machine to refresh my memory on how to sew a button on. Then it was a breeze.  I also did a quick seam across the top of each flap.  The numbers were just glued on with fabric glue. 

Page Four: Rainbow Beads

Another sensory page with colored rainbow beads, gold sequins for the sun and puffy clouds at each end of the rainbow.  I added filling under the clouds to give them a 3D effect and then machine-sewed the edges closed, which also helped secure the rainbow's strings. I did have to hand sew the sun's sequins, which was another very time consuming project that hasn't been so durable! 

Page three of Apple's Quiet Book | Peek-a-boo numbers with lift-the-flap elements and corresponding numbered and colored buttons beneath.  Page three of six of my DIY quiet felt book project by Totes and the City
Page four of Apple's Quiet Book | Rainbow beads with sequin sun and puffy clouds sensory page. Page four of six of my DIY quiet felt book project by Totes and the City

Page Five: Itsy Bitsy Spider

Okay, this was my favorite page to put together... it's just so cute!  I saw a similar spider with buttons to spin the web on Pinterest but thought how cute it would be to add the other elements so we could sing the song together while playing on this page.  I'm pretty proud of myself for the rest since I didn't have a template or inspiration to go off of here! The string attached to the spider is just one long string that can be wrapped around the buttons to form the spider web. 

Page Six:  Transportation in Motion

I found a few versions of this page on Pinterest so it was nice to have a visual to work with.  I tried to model the boat after our own! The car, boat and airplane are attached to the string so that when you pull on each side, they slide across the page.  I went to our local fabric store to buy the string for the airplane and car but mistakenly didn't buy enough.  I was too lazy to return to buy a mere sixteen inches so I just found another old black string laying around the house and it worked just as well.  Wooden beads were used on the ends.  The airplane and car are "stuffed" with fill. 

Page five of Apple's Quiet Book (and probably my favorite!) | Itsy Bitsy Spider theme with string spun spider web | Page five of six of my DIY quiet felt book project by Totes and the City
Page six of Apple's Quiet Book | transportation pull-string themed page with an Airplane, Boat and Car | Page six of six of my DIY quiet felt book project by Totes and the City

Please let me know what you think! And please share on Pinterest so that I can give back to the source that helped me create these fun little pages. 

A note on the felt: I purchased two types of assortments of felt, exact products in the link below; Type A 1.5mm and Type B "stiff" 1mm. I used the Type B for about 75% of these pages.  The background pages are all Type B since it holds its shape better.  Type A is a softer, fluffier feeling felt.  The two types naturally stick to each other pretty well!  So making felt boards with these products is super easy. Fabric glue secured it all together! 

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