Tiffany Blue Baby Shower

A Tiffany Blue inspired baby shower at Mamma Melina Ristorante in Seattle, WA for our baby boy Pasquale (aka, Totes). All the guests wore white while the mommy-to-be wore hints of Tiffany Blue.  Each guest left with a goody-bag filled with a custom labeled Toblerone chocolate bar, mini champagne bottle from Nicholas Feuillatte, a tiffany-blue box filled with mints and their own baby photo in a silver frame.  Custom, hand-made sweets by Lady Yum, photography by Ashley Genevieve
At the end of this post, I've included relevant links and information if you are looking to create a similar event!

Elise's Note:  I've had so many people reach out to me about the custom wrappers on the Toblerone bars and I would be more than happy to share the template I made using Power Point for anyone wanting to take a shot at making their own!  You should be able to download the template using the link below.  You'll need to have the same fonts I used downloaded and installed on your computer in order for PowerPoint to recognize and use the same, otherwise the font will be changed.  I found a font online called 'Engravers MT' that I thought matched the Tiffany & Co. brand the best. 
After you download and open the Power Point template, customize the wording to your own.  I suggest printing it off on regular letter paper to make sure your margins line up to the candy bar.  The font in red (and the margin lines if you choose) can be deleted after you're happy with your final template and ready to print!  It takes a bit of trial and error but I was so happy with how it all turned out and hope you will be too!

Custom Toblerone Candy Bar Wrapper Download

Zip file for Engravers MT Font

I've also sourced the supplies (via *Amazon) that we used to create this lovely baby shower, linked here below:

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