Gift Inspiration: New Baby Nighttime Bundle

Gift Idea Theme: Newborn Baby Nighttime Bundle

I remember well, not too long ago, attempting to pick out a gift for a friend.  A new mom-to-be.  It was a world I was not yet familiar with and really had no clue what she would need.  Now days, I like to go outside of the list, meaning pick something outside of the registry that has more thought and a personal meaning.  Baby registries are great, essential and needed but as a new mom myself, I had no idea what I would need as I added items to my own list. Therefore, I really appreciated the gifts that came from seasoned moms that had been there, done that and new first hand what worked and what didn't.   

The inspiration behind this gift bundle is themed around my own night-time routine I created for Apple.  I'll share more detail on this soon.  Included here are my essentials for that routine, which I strongly believe helped get my baby to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.  

  • Wondersuit Zippy from Bonds Australia  -  these are such an essential to me, it's all Apple wore and still wears for sleep and sometimes play.  I love the two way zipper and not having to fumble with snaps in the middle of the night after a diaper change. The hands and feet have fold over cuffs to keep little hands and feet warm in the night, then off during daytime play. They have such a huge selection of prints to appeal to just about anyone but I especially loved this fabric, a super soft terry cloth feel.  It's a bit thicker than their colorful prints for winter nights too. 
  • Badger Nighttime Balm with Lavender  -  I give Apple a massage every night before bed as part of our routine and love the texture and application of this balm.  It melts in your hand and goes on with no leftover greasy film.  
  • Minky Couture Blanket  -  Apple is obsessed with her Minky blankets.  Obsessed is gentle way of putting it! We have four now so there's always one available wherever we go and if one needs washing.  She loves burying her face in them and sleeps cuddled with them every night.  She has to hold one while nursing too as it's become a part of our wind-down/sleep routine.  We received our first Minky as a gift from my mom for Totes and still have it.  It still looks new!  I also love that it's made in the USA.  I also adore the Jellycat Bunny for it's similarly super soft fabric.  It's easy to cuddle and generally safe for younger babies as you shouldn't leave a loose blanket in the crib until at least after their first birthday.
  • Goodnight Moon  -  reading is another essential part of our routine, for both nighttime and naps.  I try to rotate the selection of books I read to Apple but always read the same book last as a trigger in her mind that it's time for sleep.  For nighttime, it's Goodnight Moon. 
  • Ergo Pouch Newborn Swaddle  -  This is a new product for me that I recently came across and bought bigger sizes for Apple since she is out of the swaddling phase.  I used a similar product with Totes when he was under six months called the Woombie.  He had a very intense startle reflex that would constantly wake him up so swaddling him with arms in (that he couldn't wiggle out of) really helped him sleep better in those early months. 

Look for other posts in this series for more gifting inspiration!

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All boxed/wrapped up and ready to go!  

All boxed/wrapped up and ready to go!