Halloween: PJ Masks Family Costumes

 Gekko, Owlette and Luna Girl Costumes for Halloween 2017 | PJ Masks Halloween Theme by Totes and the City

For those of you that know me, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of costumes so naturally, I just love Halloween.  I love the disguise! Changing up my look without committing to a new hair color or style, a time where I can go crazy and really test out my creativity.  It should come as no surprise that one of my largest storage totes in the garage is filled to the brim with my collection of costumes, wigs and dress up accessories.  

Going in to Halloween 2017, I had high hopes.  My ideal costume was a family theme of course, a lineup of characters from Monsters Inc. Totes would be Mike Wazowski, Apple would be Boo, Papa would be Sully and I was so excited to be Roz. It would have been epic. Getting my husband to wear an adults size Sully costume, however, would have definitely been the downfall of that idea.  

About a month prior to Halloween, I started asking Totes what he wanted to dress up as.  I asked him at least 25 times to be exact.  The first ten answers were different.  When the next ten were the same, I asked him five more just to be sure before I purchased a costume that he would later change his mind about.  It was also a very random and obscure choice; a character I wasn't much familiar with and I was surprised he was as well.

Totes asked to be Gekko from the TV show PJ Masks.  Most people I talked to hadn't even heard of it, we rarely watched it.  I really think the only reason he was so insistent on this character was because he's all green and Totes is on a "my favorite color is green!" kick these days.  He also then determined that Apple would dress up as the second superhero in the show, Owlette. 

Both costumes were easy enough to find, I purchased the Gekko costume, (toddler size Medium 3T/4T) through Amazon and the Owlette costume (size 2T) from Zulily.  They both arrived with a couple weeks to spare and I had to hide them from the kids to keep them from wearing them out before the actual day of Halloween. I had to hem both costumes to shorten the legs a bit and we also did a quick rigging of Totes's mask to help it sit higher on his head so it didn't keep falling into his eyes.  But otherwise both costumes were adorable and a huge hit, especially with anyone familiar with the show.  

Now, I was feeling a bit discouraged with no inspiration of my own going in to this Halloween.  I thought about throwing together a witch costume at the last minute but then just didn't care to.  I was feeling all bah-humbug about Halloween this year since I wasn't participating in the same theme as my little tribe.  

Halloween day rolled around and I posted a photos of the kids in their Halloween costumes on our Instagram page with a caption that summarized the feelings I just stated above.  One of my friends commented, suggesting I would have made a great 'Luna Girl'.  I puzzled over this for a few seconds then turned to google images for who or what this luna girl was. 

Another character in the PJ Masks show, she's the 'villan' with a short, platinum color pixie cut, black mask with a futuristic black tunic over grey leggings, black boots and the image of a lunar eclipse on the front of her shirt.  

The excitement crept through me instantly... I could put together that costume in less than 20 minutes from scraps and items in my own closet, plus I just happened to have a wig in my costume stash that would do the part perfectly! I pulled out a piece of 12"x12" bright yellow felt (leftovers from my Quiet Book for Apple project!) and traced a large circle.  Using a slightly smaller circle and off-centering it slightly, I traced a second circle and then cut it out.  I used fabric tape to adhere it to the black top I used.  For the mask, I grabbed an old pair of black boxers and cut off the leg.  It was already the perfect circumference to go over my head so I didn't have to do any extra sewing.  Cut out eye holes and it was good to go! I couldn't believe how well it all came together.  

Slightly disappointed I couldn't throw together a good Romeo costume for my husband as that would have really completed it all. 

We went out as a family in our neighborhood in the late afternoon to trick or treat down the main avenue where all the merchants hand out candy.  Special thanks to Sparkfly Photography for their annual photo booth and taking the shot of us all above!

The weather this year on Halloween was so good it still felt like summer and allowed everyone to be in their costumes without covering them up with bulky jackets like years past.  And it also brought out even more people so the streets were just packed.  So much fun to see everyone all dressed up and so much creativity walking around.  

After we made our rounds, we stopped by a friend's house in the neighborhood for a short time before we all went out together to let the kids do a bit more trick-or-treating.  We had a blast visiting our immediate neighbors and catching up for a few minutes.  

And now, of course, I'm already planning next year's family theme!

 Gekko and Owlette in the mist of Seattle, preparing for Halloween 2017 | PJ Masks Halloween Theme by Totes and the City
 Gekko and Owlette in the mist of Seattle | Halloween Costumes | PJ Masks Halloween Theme by Totes and the City
 Gekko and Owlette Halloween Costumes | PJ Masks Halloween Theme by Totes and the City
 Gekko and Owlette Halloween Costumes | PJ Masks Halloween Theme by Totes and the City
 Gekko and Owlette Halloween Costumes | PJ Masks Halloween Theme by Totes and the City