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People ask me all the time...
"Elise! How do you stay so on top of everything!?!"
Ha, right?
No. No one as ever said that to me.  At least not since I had children.  
See, I had some great jobs before kids came along.  My favorite of them all was the General Manager of an ultra modern yoga studio and spa in downtown Seattle.  I started with the owner before the doors were even open for business.  And as a small business that was just getting started, I had the unique opportunity to wear pretty much any hat I wanted to give a try and showed I could tackle.  Technology specialist? Yep. Marketing Manager? Yep. Managing a staff of 15+ Employees and 30+ Volunteers? Yes! All while practicing yoga, rocking eyelash extensions and a fresh manicure and handling the accounting.  I was working my butt off... I ate, slept, breathed and dreamed of that place.  Did it prepare me for the challenges of motherhood?  Hmmmm. That's just really hard to say because I honestly don't know.  What I do know is that mom-brain is real and I've never struggled so much with staying on task, being productive and feeling accomplished like I do now and it has brought me a lot of discouragement.  I'm getting pulled in a million directions every day and most I just can't keep up.  So I HAVE to write every little detail down or I lose sight of it.  

I finally was on a roll this week and got a lot of to-do checked off my list!  It felt so good after over four years of feeling like I haven't accomplished much of anything I've set my mind to do.  We have had a very busy spring and summer so far, with trips that require a lot of planning ahead... so to keep myself on track, I made these cute printables to create a fun task list or as a way to brainstorm projects I'm in the middle of working on.

I love finding fun printables on Pinterest but love even more coming up with my own.  I borrowed the idea of these from other pinners but have tweeked them with my own personal style and love to share for anyone that would find them useful.  I love having something permanent (the chart) and then the gratifying ability to rip off that post it when the task has been completed, crumple it up and throw it out.  

These printables can be customized to whatever list type of format you can imagine! Just change the text.  I've included here the three I use the most... my personal to-do list, project tasks and Totes' chores for his weekly allowance (read here about how we introduced allowance recently).  These are formatted to work with the smaller 2x2 Post-It.  When you download the Power Point template, please note that the font will most likely not be the same as I have pictured.  I love finding unique fonts out there on the internet so most likely you won't have the same font installed as I do.  Just play around with the fonts you have and make it your own! The rest of the formatting should remain the same.  I laminated all of mine for extra durability but they work just fine without that step. 

Another thing that I use regularly to keep dates straight and plan out vacations are paper calendars. I love having a calendar printed out that I can hand-write events on.  Yes, I put all this information in my calendar in my iPhone too, but I love the old school way of writing it all down by hand and seeing it in full view at a glance, just as I still buy paper books and I own a Kindle.  I print out several sometimes and use them to organize trips that span multiple days.  They are great for planning ahead and
I created this calendar in a US legal size to maximize the size of each square while still being able to print from my home computer.  It should print on a standard size 8.5x11 paper.  if you don't have legal paper laying around . Just keep your settings on your printer set to US letter and make sure you select the option in your print settings "shrink to fit".  
Please do let me know if you see any errors!  I made it pretty quick and am still extremely sleep deprived these days.   

Download the 2018 Modern Minimal Calendar HERE

Download the tasks Power Point Template HERE