What's in my [Diaper] Bag, Pt 4

In the spirit of back to school, we are rocking the backpack these days!  In an effort to lighten the load, I have made some changes... for the better? I've been trying to keep the "diaper bag" in the car at all times, knowing that we're never too far from it in the event of an emergency.  With me is my new backpack from Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Love the way it carries... and that it allows me to carry Totes without fumbling with straps falling off my shoulder.  I picked up this mini backpack from SkipHop recently and we both love it. The best feature is the leash!  I remember seeing a kid once on a leash and thought, wow, does it really have to come to that?  Well, yes it does.  I have a runner.  A fast runner who thinks it's hilarious to dart away in a busy crowd of people.  So until he's a little more "trained", this does the trick and has been a lifesaver in airports.  It's also super petite so it fits him well.  I have to be careful not to overload it, which can be easy to do with only a few items.  As he only weighs about 22 lbs now, it doesn't take much to weigh him down.  

What's in my Diaper Bag // {by Totes and the City}

Clockwise from Top:
1. Skip Hop Zoo Pack (pre-school backpack).  Comes in so many cute designs.  
2. The Honest Company: Diaper and Travel Wipes.  Such cute designs on these diapers.  When his pants fall down because they're always too big, at least we have a cute diaper to look at! The free trial is a great way to get introduced to the products.  I also love that they are stocked at Whole Foods so when we are grocery shopping, I can stock up on supplies immediately when I'm out.  
3. A small board book, this one here is Doggies by Sandra Boynton and we have it from a set of four other books.  We love them all and rotate which one we are going to bring.  Great for the stroller rides or to kill time sitting in a high chair when dining out.  
4.  Aligator blocks by Janod.  Keep little hands busy with pieces that pull apart and back together again. 
5. Too Faced Lipstick in Spice Spice Baby, my current go-to shade.
6. The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray - love how compact this little bottle is and smells great.  
7.  Fork and Spoon Travel Set with Case from Sugar Booger - have you noticed that when dining out, some places are awesome with their kids menus, coloring books, cups, etc.  but then they hand you an adult sized fork for your toddler?  I can always get Totes and little more interested in eating if he can do it himself, so now I always bring along our own toddler utensils. We dine out a lot!
8.  Easy snacks to-go from Plum Organics

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